Building Better Realities

We reimagine what the world could be to create new kinds of solutions that solve real problems we encounter everyday at work, in our homes and in between. Taking a data-driven approach, we uncover new insights that inspire us to create a better world for today and tomorrow.

In this quest, we partner with talented entrepreneurs to conceive, build, launch, and scale new businesses. We are constantly exploring and validating new business concepts, and building business systems that set up the ventures for growth and scale. 

What We Do

We pull together the right team, resources and insights to develop great ideas into successful companies. We design, prototype, and validate our top concepts during our biannual Sprint Week process. Before each Sprint Week, our team spends months researching and framing problem statements and narrowing to the few that will compete in the sprint. After each Sprint, the Partners deliberate and decide on which concept will be launched as our next studio company.

Upon launching a new company, we surround the startup with world-class expertise in every discipline required to build a market-leading company. We compress the amount of time it takes to move from an idea to a world-class business. Our dedicated teams span practice areas, such as brand and design, product and engineering, talent and HR, sales and marketing, finance, and data science.

Product Management

We build products across the product lifecycle from product idea to launch and beyond with a focus on developing great digital products that offer a unique user experience. 

Strategic Direction

We guide the efforts of the ventures which we continuously build whether it's in customer discovery, marketing, business development or other strategic areas of the venture. 

Capital Investment

We provide the initial pre-seed capital needed to kickstart the venture's growth by funding a team, building an MVP and even financing the strategic marketing activities.

What We Look For


The Solution

We look for evolutionary digital product ideas focusing on three key elements which are the value proposition, the competitive advantage if any and the potential for scale. 


The Team

The founding member or team comprise of dedicated, entrepreneurial, domain experts from any field, and must have a firm grip of the problem being addressed and the solution. 


The Impact

The problem being addressed should be significant enough and backed by research and data such that there is an actual perceived demand for the proposed solution.

Become a Co-founder

We’re looking for innovative entrepreneurs and leaders that want to turn their ideas into a great company.

Become an Investor

If you're an individual or company looking to collaborate or directly invest in an exciting new venture, connect with us .

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need to have a team. We can help you find the right co-founders from the successful solo applicants in our network looking to join a founding team. 

No, you don’t need to have an idea. If you are interested in becoming a co-founder, we can connect you to founders that have great ideas and that are looking to form a founding team.

Yes, you can apply. However, we require that you have domain expertise in your field so that your skills can contribute to the venture.

Yes, you can apply. We are especially keen on partnering with you if are technically-skilled as you could be a great founder. We will facilitate you through the business building process from idea to market and hence you harness critical leadership skills. 

Yes, but each co-founder will have to apply as an individual, as we admit people to partner with for a venture on an individual basis instead of on their team/idea.

At the initial stages of the venture building, you can work on the venture part-time but upon launching the venture, you will expected to commit at least 30 hours a week to the venture. 

No, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis all year round. You can apply at any time. 

There is no set start date. We work with each venture individually and as soon as the partnership is formalized, we get started.

No, we can help with the incorporation process.