Marketing Associate

We are building a bold and progressive team of marketing gurus to support our projects. Ultimately driven by results, our marketing associates are adopting to new work cultures globally to define the future of work by creating new opportunities for themselves and driving business growth. 


As a marketing associate, you are tasked with conducting direct sales and marketing of our products. Key responsibilities include:

  • Lead generation, attending sales meetings and closing deals.
  • Meeting potential clients by growing, maintaining and leveraging your networks.
  • Determining a client’s business requirements and whether the products being considered are suitable.
  • Evaluating whether the products are adapting to meet the client’s needs.
  • Preparing sales pitch, presentations and product demos.
  • Answering any technical questions the client might have.
  • Presenting findings to a post-sales team to act on.
  • Providing implementation, training and aftercare support if needed.
  • Be able to meet quarterly and monthly targets.


We are looking for you if:  

  • You are self-motivated with a great sense of initiative.
  • You have excellent selling skills.
  • You have great presentation and negotiation skills.
  • You are competitive with a results driven attitude.
  • You have great listening, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • You are a people person – you love interacting with new people.
  • You are curious and naturally driven to learn new things. 
  • You are a natural problem solver and have proven results with minimum supervision.
  •  You are a natural relationships builder who does not shy away from approaching new people and executives and initiating conversations.
  •  You are inspired by entrepreneurship and may desire to venture out as an independent marketer. 
  • You are motivated more and seek performance-based pay.
  • You have at least a diploma or degree in sales, marketing, communication or a business-related field.


You will fit in well in our organization if:

  • You are very passionate about growth and love setting and beating targets.
  • You know how to make the right impression and are always focused on delivering but also know how to have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. 
  • You feel comfortable working in a fast growing environment and are flexible to adapt to change. 
  • You think about business challenges and innovative approaches to solve these challenges.
  • You are willing to work when and where the work needs doing. 
  •  You are business-minded and street-savvy.
  • You are capable and confident to work independently. 


You will love working with us if you’re looking to: 

  • Work when you want and how you want.
  •  Set higher targets and be rewarded more for achieving them.
  • Grow your personal strengths and professional marketing skills.
  •  Network with like-minded ambitious and results-driven professionals.
  • Meet new people doing different businesses across different industries.
  •  Create new opportunities for yourself and craft your own growth.
  • Launch your entrepreneurship journey as an independent marketer
  • Good performance based pay (strictly commission-based) and incentives. 

Want to apply for this role? These are our four steps. 

Send your CV in pdf format to with the name of the role as the subject line. We’ll get back to you within (latest!) 1 week.

During this initial 15-minute phone or video call, we will ask a few additional things about your past experiences and/or drivers, and also give you the opportunity to ask a few early burning questions.

During this 1 hour in-depth interview you’ll get challenged and be questioned on a few additional aspects for culture and role fit. You may also be required to conduct an exercise such as a role-play sales call. Again, as this process works both ways, this is another great opportunity for you to also find out more about us. 

We’ll be honoured to offer you a freelance marketing associate position if qualified and look forward forward to having you work with us!