Futures Network

Working Together

Conversations about what problems need to be addressed in society as well as what initiatives need to be put in place are incomplete without the input of young people who by themselves are the future. Young Futures Network brings together visionary young people to not only contribute their ideas and skills but also take up space in initiating and running impactful projects for socio-economic progress. 

Network Benefits

  • Develop existing skills, knowledge and experiences while acquiring new ones. 
  • Use your professional skills and knowledge to benefit socio-economic progress.
  • Meet new people, make new friends, expand your network and get to know your local community better.
  • Engage with local community organizations to gain context and generate ideas that can help solve the challenges that are most felt in your community.
  • Build confidence in your abilities and take time to engage in meaningful work.
  •  Become a co-founder and work on great ideas and concepts that can span into profitable ventures.
  • Access support and guidance from our mentors and networks.
  • An opportunity to grow authoritatively to your dream role and do work you love.
  • An opportunity to go out of the comfort zone and to make things happen together with people that share your vision.
  • Shape the transformation to a more inclusive, progressive and sustainable world.

Engagement Opportunities

Skills-based Volunteering

Hone your skills and knowledge while serving a bigger purpose by contributing, supporting and engaging in our collaborative program initiatives. This will enable you to develop on your existing skills and knowledge while acquiring new skills, knowledge and experiences in a free environment working with highly inspired teams.

Circular Design

Unearth the possibilities for repurposing the 'waste' in various organizations resulting from their products, services, and businesses. Through creative ideation, uncover new ideas in which these wastes can be utilized as resources that are continuously cycled in various forms, following a reuse and recycle loop that will bring about new innovations, reduce wastage and create new opportunities.

Venture Lab

Build on ideas and concepts that have the most socio-economic value through co-creation and strategic partnerships that we facilitate and accelerate while capitalizing on your skills and interests to craft niche market areas. This is a great opportunity to be a co-founder in the designed ventures and gain from benefits including equity in the established venture once lucrative.

Eligibility and Dues

We enroll young people who are enthusiastic dreamers and doers. Membership is open to young people who meet this criteria: 

  • Must be between 18-35 years of age. 
  • Possess specific skills in any area that contribute to our work.  
  • Have a clear interest in advancing socio-economic issues. 
  • Have goals and values that align with our work.
  • Are committed to championing innovative problem solving.
  • Are open to sharing their personal story and learning from others. 
  • Have a dynamic and bold vision for tackling community challenges.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups.
  • Are able to commit  a minimum of 20 hours per week to the programs and initiatives.

Membership can be initiated at any time by sending an application including your resume and motivation letter to futures@kaspiq.com.