Expert Network

Working Together

We engage leaders, thinkers, subject matter experts, practitioners and visionaries from across disciplines, who we bring together to explore innovative and systemic solutions initiated through our collaborative programs. We leverage our expert network to bring the right people and insights to discussions, demystify challenges, enable strategic connections, develop new knowledge and set new directions.  We deliberate on new technologies, best practices, the forces of change shaping our future, existing solutions as well as new approaches to creating inclusive, progressive and sustainable socio-economic impact.

Expert Network Benefits

  • Co-create impactful solutions to systematic socio-economic challenges in Africa.
  • Initiate leading conversations as a thought leader in your field.
  • Build on your professional experience by consulting on and delivering high impact projects.
  • Join inspired multi-disciplinary project teams to spearhead leading innovative ideas. 
  • Join other powerful thinkers, share, make connections and build your network.
  • Expand your learning curve and stay ahead on emerging trends and best practices .
  • Opportunity to mentor others including young people and inspire solutions for socio-economic impact.
  • Champion public-private dialogue and collective action.

Engagement Opportunities


Share your knowledge, expertise and skills to build up, improve on and successfully scale our collaborative programs for socio-economic progress. The kind of input required to create revolutionary ideas often lies scattered in different disciplines and by joining our network, we can dissect what we know and create new actionable concepts altogether.


Guide and inspire young creative problem solvers and future-minded professionals in their journey to charting new possibilities for humanity through socio-economic progress. Through the support, role modelling and communication provided, you can motivate and move a new generation of progressive professionals to learn, stay in motion and lead.

Thought Leadership

Establish yourself as an authority in your specialized field of work by sharing your expertise and perspectives in your industry, offering unique guidance, inspiring innovation and influencing others. Through our workshops, events, blog, social media platforms and webinars, you can uniquely position yourself to build your own personal brand and leverage on more opportunities.

Eligibility and Dues

Membership is for individual industry professionals, subject matter experts  and practitioners who meet this criteria: 

  • Have proven expertise and a track record in their field.
  • Commit to contribute to and participate in the network activities on a regular basis with a dedicated number of hours. 
  • An independent thinker and innovative-minded.

Membership can be initiated at any time. If you want to know more about joining our expert network, email us at