Corporate Partner

Working Together

We cultivate innovative collaborations and strategic partnerships with companies that share our vision of facilitating and investing in how society provides solutions and creates value for transformative social and economic progress. With our partners, we work toward positively addressing the unique and complex challenges facing society, while simultaneously creating value for our partners’ businesses and brands.

Partnership Benefits

  • Engage new audiences.
  • Drive visibility and enhance your brand.
  • Accelerate your innovation process. 
  • Access to different talents and capabilities.
  • Achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility aims.
  • Access our diverse network.
  • Contribute to global social impact.
  • Spearhead sustainable business practices.
  • Co-design, develop and implement impactful initiatives.
  • Champion public-private dialogue.

Engagement Opportunities

Team Building

Leverage on our platform to rally employees, increase morale, foster team building, and promote your company’s social investment strategy. You get to engage with us through our community events and campaigns driving collective social action which offer an opportunity to network and contribute towards a great social cause, and you can also plug in through skills-based volunteering for our various program initiatives.

Cause Marketing

Align your business goals with a social cause you care about to differentiate and provide a boost for your brand. In the age of the customer, when brands must compete on more than price, partnering with us will provide a unique opportunity to champion a cause and be a force for good and as an added bonus, to drive business by engaging new customers and building consumer loyalty.

Circular Design

Repurpose the 'waste' in your organization to create new opportunities and even new forms of employment. Currently many of our products, services, and businesses follow the traditional take-make-dispose economy. Let's join forces to design a cycle in which resources are continuously cycled in various forms, following a reuse and recycle loop that will bring about new innovations, reduce wastage and create jobs.

Eligibility and Dues

We maintain an open membership policy. Any company that expresses the desire to support and engage in our collaborative programs for socio-economic progress is welcome to join our programs. We believe all companies can plug in to a cause that they believe in and contribute

Membership is subject to an annual affiliation fee based on our well-curated engagement options. Membership can be initiated at any time. If you want to know more about becoming a corporate partner and on our engagement options, email us at