Community Partner

Working Together

We build a network of committed groups and organizations around our thematic programs based on a shared vision and mission. These networks consist of our community partners with whom we harmonize approaches to development, pursue effective local advocacy, generate local resources and promote mutual learning towards achieving our shared goals. We work closely with our community partners to understand their vision of socio-economic progress and actively engage with them through a series of incremental and step change action-based projects and events. Together, we advance the big picture of the change we want to see in society and in the world.

Partnership Benefits

  • Share and spread your vision and mission for socio-economic progress.
  • Drive visibility for your projects and gather a following and support in your community.
  • Enhance your capacity to design and deliver innovative and sustainable projects.
  • Learn and generate better ideas with a higher degree of originality and value and avoid duplication of efforts
  • Gain insights on emerging trends, best development approaches and global best practices.
  • Tap into a wide array of opportunities to contribute to strategic collaborative projects and initiatives. 
  • Access resources and funds to accelerate innovative projects of socio-economic value.
  • Engage in creative dialogue, share your ideas and co-design impactful collaborative projects. 

Engagement Opportunities

Research-driven initiatives

Contribute your input, thoughts and ideas on socio-economic issues to reveal the emerging and key issues, shape and advance the necessary debates and drive the need for certain decisions and actions to address the most pertinent issues. The research builds upon existing work and ideas in practice to enable design of solid programs and initiatives.

Global and regional forums

Engage in our diverse forums, workshops and conferences to deliberate views on different issues, build on capacity, take stock of local and global perspectives and development agendas, shape development approaches and provide policy recommendations. This enables your organization to stay aligned, informed and progressive.

Collaborative projects and events

Take part in our cross-sector collaborative programs through our continuous projects and events that will inspire how you work and how your organization engages with your community and the world at large. These projects and events are an opportunity to network and connect with diverse stakeholders who are also keen on driving socio-economic progress.

Eligibility and Dues

We partner with Affinity groups and associations,  Schools, Colleges and Universities, Community based groups, Charitable and non-profit organizations, Civic groups, Religious groups, Youth groups, teams, leagues and camps. Membership is open to organizations who meet this criteria: 

  • Have proven engagement in community with a demonstrated track record.
  • Have goals and values that align with our work and a will for collaboration.
  • Have a desire to serve as an agent of change. 
  • Are committed to championing innovative problem solving.
  • Are keen on always improving on how you work.
  • Are open to sharing their personal story and learning from others. 
  • Have a dynamic and bold vision for tackling their community’s challenges.

Membership is subject to an annual affiliation fee based on our well-curated engagement options. Membership can be initiated at any time. If you want to know more about becoming a community partner and on our engagement options, email us at