Associate Partner

Working Together

We recognize that socio-economic progress does not occur in a vacuum. Information, laws, policies, influencers and resources are an integral part of the process and as such we strive to engage research institutions, government, government agencies, investors, grantors and donors as our partners with whom we can advance social impact. We discover insights, set standards, mobilize and gather resources to do meaningful and impactful work. 

Partnership Benefits

  • Collaborate with local communities to help solve the challenges that matter most.
  • Contribute actionable input through your organization’s work and research.
  • Provide insights to possible challenges where design principles could be applied for sustainability.
  • Influence regional and state policy on issues affecting and undermining socio-economic progress.
  • Make connections and leverage trusted relationships across regions, sectors and with diverse stakeholders.
  • Access invitation to regular regional networking and best-practice sharing events.
  • Acquire top talent through free postings on our exclusive resource portal.
  • Mentor high-potential community leaders running great projects. 
  • Shape the transformation to a more inclusive, progressive and resilient continent.

Engagement Opportunities

Insights and Capacity Building

Share knowledge from your research and work through our various platforms and get the satisfaction of seeing this information integrated in designing and implementing programs that unlock sustainable socio-economic progress. This can be achieved by offering articles, research reports and other works as well conducting trainings for capacity building.

Facilitation and Access

Help bridge the gap between theory and practice by facilitating the design of actionable ideas and concepts by various stakeholders including but not limited to innovative programs and technologies. This can be achieved by offering perspectives and recommendations on best approaches as well as providing access to relevant networks and resources to realize initiatives.

Funding and Sponsorship

Sponsor our programs by providing finances to support the initiatives that we are continuously developing and improving on to realize maximum socio-economic benefit. This can be achieved by selecting a program that aligns with your organization's goals, personal interest for individual sponsors or general sponsorship featuring maximum social return on investment.

Eligibility and Dues

We engage only with recognized research institutions, government and government agencies while we are open to all investors, grantors and donors who wish to support and engage in  our collaborative programs for socio-economic progress

Partnership is based on our well-curated engagement options and can be initiated at any time. If you want to know more about becoming an associate partner and on our engagement options, email us at