About the Firm

Our Focus

Kaspiq Group takes the hustle out of innovation. With a value-driven proven  framework that we have personally built from research and actual engagements with startups and corporates, we make it possible to evaluate and actualize good ideas and bring them to market. We take an active role in the execution of strategy to maximize value for our clients and businesses.

We seek to unlock value through a combination of strategies:

  • Continuous product and service improvements to cater for the needs of customers

  • Operational efficiencies leveraging technology and data analytics

  • Growth through product expansion, new markets and new customers 

  • Strategic acquisitions of technology, assets and businesses

Our Values

We approach every partnership with our values in mind. It’s important that we’re aligned with our partners in order for us to achieve success.


We seek to partner with entrepreneurs and businesses that understand the daily grind and have the courage and unwavering commitment to succeed


We like to work with scrappy entrepreneurs and businesses that are able to gain significant traction with innovative solutions and limited resources.


We’re committed to partnerships that are focused on developing new and unique solutions in markets ripe for disruption.

Number Focus

We take a disciplined and measured approach in everything that we do. We seek to partner with entrepreneurs and businesses that understand the importance of data analytics to achieve success.


We are strategic in execution and seek out partnerships that understand a disciplined, long-term approach is required to achieve success.